NABU investigating Omelyana, – kupry

The national anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine is investigating abuse of office by Minister of infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan. This was stated by people’s Deputy Vitaliy kupriy.

According to him, the NABOO have sufficient information about the activities of Volodymyr Omelyan in the interests of a private group of terminals “TIS”.

“I met Sytnyk. He said we’re investigating, but nothing is commented. I pointed out to him that there is a lot of abuse. And I told him the facts and circumstances. Even today, I have a statement on the abuses of the Minister of infrastructure Omelyana. There are also Russian companies and Russian oligarchs. There is already so much accumulated material to hide it and cover criminals – no matter what scale they may be, is simply to discredit anti-corruption body”, – said Vitaly kupry.

The MP said that also said about corruption cooperation Volodymyr Omelyan and the group of terminals “TIS” in the Prosecutor General’s office, national security Council and the Fiscal service.

“I’m all law enforcement agencies to investigate these things. Lutsenko has received treatment on several counts. Everywhere, Omeljan. His surname appears in the situation with the Russian shipments of ore by rail. I wrote about this situation with the Russian ore will be sent the appeal to the NAB. Because Omeljan Minister and his crimes, abuse of power, it is the competence of NABOO. He made a decision that caused losses to the budget”, – said Vitaly kupry.

As reported, the security Service of Ukraine conducts searches and seizure of documents at the offices of group of terminals “TIS”, and also to private addresses of company executives. Law enforcement officers seized documents relating to the conduct of dredging operations made “TIS” in 2006-2010.

We will remind that the SBU is investigating a corruption scheme with the dredging and reallocation of tonnage tax in the port “southern” in favor of “TIS” with the summer of 2016. Investigations are conducted in the framework of criminal proceedings under part 5 of article 191 of the criminal code “Assignment, waste of property or mastering by it by abuse of official position”, a group of persons or in especially large sizes”. The result of this corrupt scheme, the group of terminals “TIS” received illegal benefit, and the state loses heavily.