NABU lost iPhone seized in the case Onishchenko

НАБУ потеряло iPhone, изъятый ​​по делу Онищенко

Detectives NABOO not know where the missing iPhone 6S

An iPhone 6S white color, was seized during a search of one of the apartments in February 2017 and Packed in a safe package.

National anti-corruption Bureau (NAB) filed a case of negligence of its staff during the investigation of the so-called “gas business” the people’s Deputy Oleksandr Onishchenko.

On Thursday, September 20, according to the Court reporter with reference to the decision of Solomenskiy district court of Kyiv from September 12.

It is noted that on 16 February 2017 during the investigation of a scheme for the sale of gas, which has caused damage to the state, NABOO was searched. Then the police seized the iPhone 6S, Packed it in a box and left in the office of the main investigators of the group.

However, the latter reported that the phone they have not been, and among the examined part of the specialist things it was not.

To investigate official negligence “unidentified currently, workers” NABOO is trying to establish the whereabouts of the phone and possible use by others.

The only identifying sign phone detective called “the availability of SIM-card mobile operator Kyivstar”.

Recall that on 5 September it became known that the court permitted the NAB to remove the information from the phone Alexander Onishchenko. The investigators had to obtain information about all the rooms which was connected to the phone MP in 2015-2016.

Earlier it was reported that the NAB had completed investigation of the “gas business” Alexander Onishchenko. And the court of Spain took the decision to extradite Onishchenko. However, a cursory MP will not give Ukraine without a decision of the government of Spain and of considering the request for political asylum.

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