NABU said that the revision jurisdiction of the lower efficiency of anti-corruption

В НАБУ заявили, что пересмотр подследственности снизит эффективность борьбы с коррупцией

Revision of jurisdiction of criminal cases will reduce the effectiveness of the fight against corruption and could hurt Ukraine’s international image. This is stated in the statement of the National anti-corruption Bureau, posted on the Agency’s website.

“The idea to revise criminal procedural code of Ukraine in part of granting the General Prosecutor the right to determine the jurisdiction of crimes reduces the effectiveness of the fight against corruption and may harm the international image of Ukraine”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that the current legislation clearly stipulates what offences should be investigated by the National anti-corruption Bureau. In the Department believe that changes in the criminal procedure code regarding jurisdiction of criminal violations can lead to chaos.

It is clarified that now in the case of detection of the offense, the operational units, they must send the relevant materials to the law enforcement authority to which jurisdiction (according to article 216 of the criminal procedure code) is a crime. The rejection of this clear rule in favor of the declared ideas will allow operational units of all law enforcement bodies (the GPU, the National police, the State fiscal service, security service) to send materials on documented crimes, investigation of which is within the competence of the NAB, at its own discretion depending on the relationship with certain investigative agencies ignoring the requirements of jurisdiction, according to the Bureau.

“This will lead to the fact that the police instead of doing their job will be to engage in active registered criminal proceedings against Ministers and governors (which is the jurisdiction of the NEB) for the sake of PR,” – said the head of the NABOO Sytnyk.

In addition, the report says that such an approach undermines the basic foundations of the functioning of the National anti-corruption Bureau, one of which is its independence. Remind us that the NEB was created by the demands of society after the revolution of Dignity in response to the failure of the law enforcement system to fight corruption in government.

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We will remind, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuri Lutsenko wants to settle disputes about jurisdiction between the security forces, depriving the National anti-corruption Bureau exclusive rights for the investigation of corruption crimes.