NABU scours the house of his son avakova – SMI

НАБУ обыскивает дом сына Авакова – СМИ

Detectives NABOO came to the son Avakov

Avakov has confirmed the fact of searches at his son.

Detectives NABOO had come to search home, to the son of the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov Alexander. It is reported by Ukrainian Pravda referring to its sources.

According to sources, the demonstrations in the investigation of the case in the backpacks, which the interior Ministry has purchased in late 2014 – early 2015.

In turn, the press Secretary Arsen Avakov Natalia Stativko not denied, but not confirmed this information.

Later this information was confirmed by Avakov himself. “Yes, come to the son with the searches,” he said up.

Earlier, the journalists of the program Scheme on Radio Liberty showed the undercover video from “son of Avakov”, which he allegedly leads a conversation with a man like the former Deputy Minister Sergey Chebotar, on government purchases of backpacks for the interior Ministry. From the conversation it is clear that man, like the son Avakov, wants to put a large shipment of backpacks, the interior Ministry, but only after the new year, and even asked in advance.

NABU was going to get access to Bank accounts of the supplier of tactical backpacks for MIA “Dniprofan”, which is associated with the son Avakov.