NACP: E-for declarants need to change the Russian mail

НАПК: Е-декларантам надо сменить российскую почту

To change the email address in your account no need to obtain a new digital signature.

The national Agency for prevention of corruption requires entities Declaration to change the email address of the Russian domains in the Register of declarations. Requirement NACP explained by the decree of the President dated may 15, which, in particular, blocked the Russian postal services.

“Please immediately change the e-mailboxes of the Russian domains (for example:,, to personal accounts, Unified state register of declarations of persons created on the Ukrainian servers (for example:,,,”, – reads the statement of the Agency.

In NACP has also provided detailed instructions of the registration process, adding that what to change the email address in the personal account in the register of declarations receive new key digital signature is not required.

Earlier, President Poroshenko said that the decision to block Russian sites in Ukraine will be reconsidered after the cessation of the Russian aggression.

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