NACP found 85 ways to improve validation of e-returns

НАПК нашло 85 способов усовершенствовать проверку е-деклараций

NACP has explored the experience of Romania in the audit of returns

The national Agency wants access to all public registers and databases.

The national Agency on corruption prevention (NACP) with the help of experts of the Anticorruption initiative of the EU in Ukraine (EUACI) conducted analysis of business processes full scan, e-declarations and issued a report with 85 recommendations for their improvement.

About it reports a press-service of the NACP.

“The results of the analysis the report is prepared, stating the problems encountered in the process of conducting a complete validation of e-returns and provided 85 recommendations for their elimination or improvement of the validation process”, – stated in the message.

The recommendations stated that the NACP wants to access public registers and databases required to conduct inspections and improvement conduct a full verification of declarations.

For example, it is indicated the Romanian Agency for integrity (АNI), which has access to all necessary databases and conducts annually about 4 thousand checks of declarations. Being in the same conditions, NACP will be able to handle several times more returns. Currently, the Agency only has access to 11 of the 23 required of registries and databases.

It is also reported that experts EUACI emphasize the need to introduce mandatory calculation formula of the groundless state and illicit enrichment as an obligation for all stakeholders in the process of full verification of declarations, investigations, proceedings and judicial review of cases of illicit enrichment.

“At the same time, one pressing issue is the introduction of electronic system of distribution of cases to complete the verification of declarations and transmission NACP administration functions of the Registry of e-declarations”, – stated in the message.

In addition, EUACI notes the need for the Agency to have powers to make their own internal decisions on procedures and methods of verification of declarations without registration of these decisions in the Ministry of justice.

As reported Корреспондент.netpreviously NACP are unable to confiscate the Freedom of 2.3 million of contributions received by the party in violation of the law.

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