NACP will conduct a full scan for another 20 declarations

НАПК проведет полную проверку еще 20 деклараций

NACP will have another 20 e-declarations

Full verification of the declarations will be carried out against judges, deputies and prosecutors.

The national Agency for prevention of corruption conduct comprehensive audits of 20 of the income declarations of officials, according to the NACP.

“National Agency on corruption prevention at the next meeting decided to undertake a full verification of declarations of 20 persons authorized to perform state functions or local government, for 2015 and 2016. Among the persons of the Declaration which will be verified, included people’s deputies, judges and prosecutors,” – said in the message.

Check, conduct which is entrusted to the Chairman of the NACP Ruslan Radetsky, will begin June 23 and will last 60 days.

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Earlier it was reported that NACP carries out a full verification of declarations 49 officials, including President Petro Poroshenko, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman and Minister of foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin.

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