Naftogaz collected the money from Gazprom for debt

Нафтогаз взыскал деньги с Газпрома в счет долга

Naftogaz operates in accordance with the arbitration on transit contract with Gazprom

The Ukrainian company has transferred more than $9 million overpayment of Gazprom for the transit service provided in August.

Naftogaz sent to Gazprom an application for admission overpayments for gas transit on account of repayment of interest that accrued on the indebtedness of a Russian company in accordance with the arbitration decision under the transit contract from February 28, 2018.

About it reports a press-service of Naftogaz on Wednesday, October 10.

The company recalled that on 22 December 2017, the Stockholm arbitration has revised the pricing formula in the gas contract for the supply of gas to Ukraine, thus reducing its cost, which automatically led to a reduction in the rate of the cost of services and total cost of services of gas transit provided by Naftogaz.

At the same time, Gazprom is refusing to implement the decision of the Stockholm arbitration continues in 2018 to pay for transit more than exposes the NAC, which calculates a rate in accordance with the decision of the arbitration.

“Therefore Naftogaz has transferred more than $9 million overpayment for transit service provided in August, as a payment in the execution of the arbitration decision”, – stated in the message.

Recall that in late February the Stockholm arbitration court satisfied the claim of Naftogaz, Gazprom is obliged to pay the Ukrainian company of $4.63 billion for failure to supply gas transit contract. Taking into account the debt of the Ukrainian party for gas deliveries of about $2.1 billion, the Russian company owes $2.56 billion

Debt-Gazprom daily accrued interest in the amount of $500 thousand. In early September, the amount of the accrued interest exceeded $100 million.

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