Naftogaz explained that he decided Swedish court

В Нафтогазе объяснили, что решил шведский суд

Naftogaz will be served in the Svea court of Appeal further appeal

A Ukrainian company will continue its action to recover the debt of Gazprom in other jurisdictions.

Information from Gazprom about the decision of the district court of Appeal of Svea in Sweden to uphold the suspension of execution of the decision of the Stockholm arbitration, dated 28 February, in a dispute between the Russian monopoly, and Naftogaz is not true.

This reports the press service of the Ukrainian company on Thursday, June 28.

“The court of appeals of the district of Svea (Sweden) today decided to review its earlier decision on the suspension of Executive actions by the decision of the Stockholm arbitration on transit contract between Naftogaz and Gazprom. Today’s announcement of Gazprom about the fact that the court upheld its previous decision without changes, is not true,” said Naftogaz.

The company argued that after examining the arguments provided by Naftogaz, the court rejected the claim of Gazprom that a significant part of the justification for transit decisions were supposedly written by the administrative Secretary.

At the same time, as noted in the Naftogaz, the court upheld the temporary suspension of Executive actions on monetary claims of the Ukrainian side for other reasons.

“Today, the company has not had the opportunity to provide their counter-arguments regarding these causes. Naftogaz plans to sue an additional call to set out these facts and hopes for revision of the recent decision,” – said the NAC.

It is noted that the current court decision is not binding on courts in other jurisdictions, thus, Naftogaz will continue their action to recover the debt of “Gazprom” in other jurisdictions.

Earlier Gazprom said that the Appeals court for the district of Svea allegedly decided to leave in force its order of June 13, on the suspension of execution of the decision of the Stockholm arbitration, dated 28 February in a dispute with Naftogaz under the contract on gas transit through the territory of Ukraine.

In Ukrainian companies believe that Gazprom intends to delay the process not to pay Naftogaz $2.6 billion And the appeals process can drag on for years.

The court in London was allowed to freeze the assets of Gazprom in the UK at the request of Naftogaz, despite the court’s decision in Sweden.

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