Naftogaz has a “plan B” Nord stream-2

У Нафтогаза есть "план Б" по Северному потоку-2

Naftogaz of Ukraine will demand from Russia $ 12 billion after launching Nord stream-2

If you run the pipeline, Russia would compensate Ukraine $ 12 billion, says Vitrenko.

Naftogaz has a backup plan in case the gas pipeline Nord stream-2 will be launched. About this on air of channel 5 said the chief commercial Director of the company Yuriy Vitrenko.

To the question, does Ukraine have a plan B in case Nord stream-2 will work, Vitrenko said: “Yes, we filed a lawsuit in the Arbitration is $ 12 billion. This is the amount that reflects the damages that would be incurred by Ukraine, if we build Nord stream-2 and the capacity of the Ukrainian GTS will not be applied. For this we have the appropriate legal capabilities. So we can now demand a revision of the tariff. That is exactly what we do with one hand. On the other hand, established European rules of this tariff. And they allow, respectively, to reflect the effect of the non-use of the Ukrainian GTS after 2019,” – said Vitrenko.

“In this case, the tariff level has no practical value, because the decision will be made after the contract expires, so just talking about compensation for lost tariff revenue. And this compensation is more than $ 12 billion,” – said Vitrenko.

It should be noted that the Nord stream-2 is estimated at $ 11 billion.

Earlier, the head of Naftogaz Andrey KOBOLEV has acknowledged that the fight against Nord stream-2 is already lost and Ukraine will not be able to compete with it by offering lower rates.


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