Naftogaz has accused Firtash in the robbery of consumers

Нафтогаз обвинил Фирташа в грабеже потребителей

Naftogaz said that the regional gas oligarch Dmitry Firtash found a way to collect more money from consumers.

Regional gas companies disconnected the house from gas supply, under the pretext of technical inspection of networks and promise to resume deliveries only after payment of additional accounts. About it reports a press-service NAK Naftogaz of Ukraine.

“The gas companies invented a new way to collect additional funds from consumers at home cut off from gas supply under the pretext of technical survey networks”, – is spoken in the message of Naftogaz.

According to the plot of the TV channel ICTV to resume gas supply the gas demand of each apartment is about 1000 UAH. 500 UAH allegedly for the service columns that they had. In addition, the gas companies said that if the debt will not restore gas supply, said in the story.

“Most of these debts are formed because of the controversial gas factors, which Donatists regional gas group RGC. The calculation of such ratios do not recognize the government in NKREKU, so people do not have to pay extra,” added to Naftogaz.

“But vitashevsky regional gas companies stubbornly continue to accrue unlawful debts almost across the country. And now resort to violent methods the overlap of the pipe. Experts are convinced it is illegal. Regional gas companies openly robbing the population, resorting to blackmail,” – said in state-owned companies.

Earlier it was reported that AMC has brought the case against the 20 regional gas companies. On the eve of Naftoga reported, fined gas companies continue to credit additionally in the payment.


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