Naftogaz has sharply expressed about the position of the EU gas

В Нафтогазе резко высказались о позиции ЕС по газу

Germany had an inconsistent position on the application of European laws for building profitable projects, says Vitrenko.

Implementation of the project Nord stream-2 will destroy the competition in the European gas market. This will be possible due to the fact that Europe is ignoring its own laws, when advantageous. This is stated in the message of Naftogaz of Ukraine in Facebook.

“The project Nord stream-2 violates European legislation and lead to irreversible consequences and will kill competition in European gas markets under the action of gas blackmail of Gazprom”, – stated in the message.

Commercial Director at Naftogaz Yury Vitrenko believes that Germany has been inconsistent position on the application of European laws for building profitable projects.

“We heard from the Germans the arguments like: “Look, the Russians just want to sell gas to Europe and you are European rules. Yes, you are dependent on Russian gas and want preferential price”. Let’s be honest, Germany was pressing on us so we signed the agreement in 2009. They didn’t want to go into details. They were satisfied that the Russians said that this contract is in line with European rules. And then it turned out that he had nothing to do with European rules, except that it was the Russian understanding of these rules. It was a real neo-colonial policy. But Germany is arranged”, – he said.

He lamented the fact that Europe is not strongly insist on the enforcement of its laws and regulations, when it is not profitable.

“They say that gas goes to Western Europe, but it is not in Western Europe. Almost all of the gas from Nord stream-2 to go through in Greifswald, and then through EU-GAL will go in the opposite direction of Central and Eastern Europe”, – said Vitrenko.

However, he noted that “the worst is that Western Europe will be separated from Central and Eastern, and the single market will not be able to work well.”

Recall that in late March, Germany has issued all permits for the construction of Nord stream-2 at the bottom of the Baltic sea. And last week the construction of the gas pipeline allowed the government of Sweden.

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