Naftogaz prepares to raise prices for the population – expert

Нафтогаз готовится повысить цены для населения – эксперт

Gas prices may rise

The company plans to become a “super-monopoly” in the supply to households.

If the new initiatives of the management of Naftogaz will be implemented, the population is waiting for the next price increase. About it in the comments Корреспондент.net said Dmytro Marunych, Director of the Institute for energy research.

So the expert commented on the statement of commercial Director of Naftogaz – in an interview with Business Censor Yuri Vitrenko said that the price of gas will decrease by 1%, if Naftogaz will come to direct supply to the population.

Such a decision will only lead to full monopolization of the natural gas market, says marunych.

“By eliminating all players, Naftogaz will apply to the government with proposals increase in trade margins”, – predicts expert, who previously worked in Naftogaz.

Marunych recalled that the separation between production, transportation and distribution of gas established in the framework of European norms and is regulated by the Ukrainian law “On natural gas market” – and such rules have been adopted in order to de-monopolization.

“For “direct supply” subscriber-debtor will receive written notification with the requirement to independently stop the consumption of gas. If he does not obey, then he will have to pay at a higher “industrial” price. For example, in may 2017, this price was 18,24 UAH per cubic meter instead of 6.95 UAH”, – said Marunych.

Non-payment by subscribers of the company will pass on to owners of gas distribution networks – in the end, will increase and the actual rate, and the operators of distribution networks will be financially drained, he said.

“The subject of liquidation should not be a marketing structures, and monopoly. The need for this company disappears after the decision of the Stockholm arbitration and settlement of relations in gas sphere with Russia, especially after 2019 when the majority of contracts”, – said marunych.

According to the expert, that is why the leadership of the company’s monopoly looking for any opportunity to maintain its dominant position in the market.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Naftogaz has reduced the price of gas for enterprises. In may, natural gas for Ukraine fell by 10% to $208,38 for 1 thousand cubic meters

The salary of the head of Naftogaz has grown almost 18 times per year