Naftogaz revealed the essence of the complaint to the European Commission on Gazprom

Нафтогаз раскрыл суть жалобы в ЕК на Газпром

Naftogaz complains of anti-competitive actions of Gazprom

The complaint will protect Europe from the artificial increase in gas prices, says Vitrenko.

Naftogaz complaint to the European Commission for anti-competitive actions of the Russian Gazprom prevents Russia’s attempts of artificial increase of gas prices in Europe. This was stated by Executive Director of the group Naftogaz Yuriy Vitrenko in an interview with UKRINFORM, published on Tuesday, may 7.

“One element of this complaint is the elimination of violations of the Antimonopoly legislation, for example, the activities of Gazprom in Germany, because it controls such a company, Wingas. This results in the setting of higher prices in Germany, which could affect pricing across Europe, and it is also important for us,” he said.

Vitrenko added that the complaint raised concerning obstacles to the virtual reverse, through the Ukrainian and other interconnectors in Europe.

He suggested that the representatives of Russia can agree to cooperate, as “they said they don’t want any penalties, but rather will eliminate the violation.” However, he did not rule out the possibility that Gazprom will take a more aggressive stance. “And then begin a long process that will be tougher for Russian companies”, – concluded Vitrenko.

In addition, he said that Nord stream-2 is positioned in the German information space as an opportunity to compete with U.S. influence and not as a danger for Ukraine.

“In Germany, in a public environment, not saying it’s anti-Ukrainian project. From the point of view of public opinion the people of Germany realize that Ukraine is a victim of Russian aggression, and therefore Nord Sream-2 is positioned there as a project aimed against America,” – said Vitrenko.

He noted that in Germany such a position, unfortunately, has public support, “as many Germans believe that their country can compete with the United States, to confront America.”

As reported earlier that Naftogaz has filed to the European Commission a complaint against the actions of Gazprom in breach of competition project Nord stream-2.

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