Naftogaz: The hidden subsidies of gas left 230 billion

Нафтогаз: На скрытые субсидии на газ ушло 230 млрд

Naftogaz did not get 230 billion due to spacebattles, says Vitrenko

This amount, Naftogaz allegedly spent for smoothing of the difference between market and regulated price, and also non-payments and regional gas heaters.

Naftogaz due to special obligations for the sale of gas for the population and Teplokommunenergo reduced price provided hidden subsidies of 230 billion UAH. This was stated by chief commercial Director of Naftogaz Yuriy Vitrenko.

“In accordance with the imposed obligations, the Naftogaz during this time (in 2015 – ed.) have provided hidden subsidies of 230 billion UAH. This amount includes the difference between market and regulated price, and the non-payment of regional gas and heating services,“ wrote Vitrenko in Facebook.

As he explained, the money have not received neither Naftogaz nor the state budget.

Vitrenko also reacted to the appeared information about the fact that Naftogaz received from the state budget UAH 200 billion, calling it slander.

He recalled that the group of Naftogaz for three years, paid to the state budget 301 billion UAH.

“The 200 billion that was allegedly received Naftogaz mainly consist of subsidies received by consumers, not Naftogaz. Moreover, the amount of granted subsidies in this calculation is overstated by 15 billion UAH”, – says Vitrenko.

Note, the Cabinet extended the special obligations to Naftogaz until 1 October.

At the same time, the company has increased the price of gas for industrial consumers from September by 20%.

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