“Naftogaz” wants to join the lawsuit against the increase of Russian gas supplies in OPAL

"Нафтогаз" хочет присоединиться к иску против увеличения поставок российского газа по OPAL

National joint stock company “Naftogaz of Ukraine” appealed to the General court of the European court of justice with a request to join the case on the claim of PGNiG Supply&Trading (Poland), which is appealing the European Commission decision of 28 October 2016, allowing Gazprom to significantly increase the use of capacities of the OPAL gas pipeline and to increase the volume of gas pumped via the Nord stream, according to the website of the company.

In accordance with the Charter of the European court of justice, a legal person may join the case in the European court of justice, if it can prove an interest in the outcome of the case presented to the court.

Naftogaz sent the request, citing past practice of the court, as well as putting the potential negative consequences of the decision of the European Commission for the company, including a decrease in the volume of gas transit through Ukraine, the threat to the security of natural gas supplies to Ukraine due to the cessation of gas flows from Poland, the deterioration of the competitive position of Naftogaz, unexpected change regulatory and market conditions of the company’s activities”, – stated in the message.

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The introduction of “Naftogaz” to the proceedings, PGNiG will allow the Ukrainian company to provide additional arguments, and also get official access to the case materials.

Now the request of “Naftogaz” and the introduction to the case initiated by PGNiG, subject to review by the court taking into account positions of the parties.

As reported, the EU court supported the demands of the Polish PGNIG on the suspension of execution of a decision of the European Commission in relation to increasing access of “Gazprom” to the Opal pipeline.

We will remind, the gas pipeline OPAL, which integrates the “Nord stream” gas transmission system in Western and Central Europe, allows to transport gas from the German part of the Baltic sea to the Czech border and thus bypasses Ukraine. To date, 50% of the capacity of the pipeline throughput capacity is 36 billion cubic meters a year, not used for the decision of the European Commission, as the EU would like to prevent tight control over the gas transportation system from the gas suppliers.

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