Named as the most common cause of accelerated aging

Названа самая частая причина ускоренного старения

The stress in stressful work or studies can accelerate the aging process

Accelerated reduction of telomere length and cellular aging contribute to stress because of the intense study and work.

A group of American scientists found that caused by strenuous study and work stress provoke the accelerated reduction of telomere length and cellular aging. About this time, according to MedicalXpress.

The authors of the study, Intern Health Study were scientists from the University of Michigan. The study involved 250 students in internship.

In the course of work the specialists measured the length of telomeres, which protect DNA from damage during cell division, before and after training.

As you know, telomeres are a kind of indicator of the life cycle, and the end of life their length becomes much smaller.

However, scientists have found that during hard studying their reduction is six times faster. This negative effect depends on the duration of employment.

Earlier it was reported that scientists came to the conclusion to reduce the risk of diabetes due to the consumption of cheese.

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