Named cause of weight gain with age

Названа причина набора лишнего веса с возрастом

Important factors are sedentary lifestyle, but play a role and age change of body.

Researchers from Sweden found out why with age many people gain weight. Reported Nature Medicine.

Specialists conducted a study and found that the extra weight appear not only due to a sedentary lifestyle. With age decreases the level of lipid metabolism in adipose tissue of direct relevance to the recruitment of excess weight.

During the 13-year study, which involved 54 men and 41 women, scientists have noticed that all subjects were observed decrease in the rate of breakdown of adipose tissue (lipid metabolism).

If the participants did not offset the fall in lipid metabolism, they recovered by about 20%. Specialists have concluded that with age, changes of body weight regulate processes in the adipose tissue.

Experts believe that their research can help create new ways of dealing with obesity.

Previously, scientists said that obesity provokes four cancer. It was also reported that scientists have found a new cause of obesity.

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