Named five factors that provoke overeating

Названы пять факторов, которые провоцируют обжорство

Scientists have explained why people overeat

Scientists suggest to focus on eating during meals, not to overeat.

Specialist from the University of Sussex in the UK Jenny Morris explained why people are prone to overeating. Data published in the journal the Conversation.

It is noted that overeating is determined by several factors. The first of them is the portion size. The more food on the plate, the more likely that people will eat everything.

Another important factor is eating a variety of dishes on the table. According to the research, if the table is “breaking dishes”, the person eats four times as much.

The overeating is influenced by watching TV and reading while eating, and alcohol consumption and behavior of people, gathered around the table. When a person is distracted, he is worse than aware of the point of saturation, and therefore eats more, the specialist explained.

It looks like the effects of alcohol, which the brain later receives a signal of saturation.

In addition, when a person eats, he unconsciously “tries” on the eating habits of other people, in an effort to try everything like the neighbors on the table, which also contributes to overeating.

To avoid the influence of the mentioned factors and do not overeat, you should focus solely on the food during the meal, concluded Morris.

The causes of overeating married men

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