Named five simple ways to slow down aging

Названы пять простых способов замедлить старение

The Nobel laureate announced tips on life extension.

Biologist Elizabeth Blackburn, who is a Nobel laureate, identified five simple ways to slow down aging, writes Business Insider.

A scientist based on his scientific work on the theory of aging due to the shortening of telomeres in chromosomes.

First and foremost, Blackburn recommends to cope with stress. In her study she studied the behavior of mothers raising children with autism and other chronic diseases. It is noted that the more stress women telomeres have shortened significantly slower.

Secondly, the expert advises to meditate. According to her, people meditirovaniya for 12 minutes a day for two months, was able to slow down the change in the telomere.

Blackburn also believes it is important to communicate with neighbors, to marry and to have a friend for life.

In addition, the biologist recommends that you make money. Her research showed that people with higher incomes telomeres tend to be longer.

Previously, scientists found that periodic moderate fasting slows age-related changes.

Sex called method of prolongation of life