Named goods, which fell in Ukraine in 2019

Назван товар, который больше всего подешевел в Украине в 2019 году

Most fell in Ukraine liquefied gas for cars

Since the beginning of 2019 most cheaper in Ukraine liquefied gas for cars – by 25.1 per cent to 10.87 UAH / liter.

The state statistics service has called a commodity, which has fallen in Ukraine since the beginning of 2019. In particular, it follows from the data on average consumer prices for goods and services in the country in February, published on the Agency’s website.

“Compared to December 2018 among the products most cheaper liquefied gas for cars – by 25.1 per cent to 10.87 UAH / liter. In addition, the price of gasoline A-95 fell by 6.7% to 28.38 UAH per liter. At the same time, travel on public transport has risen since the beginning of the year by 5.2% to 4.67 UAH on average for a ticket,” – said in the message.

Also, according to the state statistics service, continue to rise rapidly, the vegetables and potatoes.

“Cabbage rose by 49.5% to 13.25 UAH per kg, potato by 26.3% to 10.09 UAH, onions 19.9% to 20.16 UAH, beets 17.6% to 12.86 UAH. At the same time, carrot prices dropped by 1.7% to 11.75 UAH per kg”, – reported in Department.

In turn, the prices of most other commodities are within or slightly above the inflation rate, which from the beginning of the year is 1.5%.

We will remind, petrol filling stations of Ukraine for 2018 has reduced the volume of sales of all fuels, mostly liquefied natural gas.

It was also reported that in Ukraine cheaper in the last month fell by chicken and beef, but more expensive vegetables.

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