Named Nobel prize winners for Economics

Названы обладатели Нобелевской премии по экономике

The winners of the Nobel prize in Economics

It was awarded to two researchers for the climate and the growth of technology in macroeconomics.

Became known winners of the Nobel prize in Economics. This year it became the owners of the scientists, William Nordhaus, and Paul Romer. About it writes The Guardian.

The Nordhaus was awarded the prize for integration of climate change in macroeconomic analysis. As for Romer, he received the award for integration in the field of technological innovation.

The announcement of the winners took place during a press conference in Stockholm.

Overall, to date, were announced the names of all the Nobel prize winners this year. The prize in literature this year, was cancelled in connection with the scandal in the Committee.

Earlier it was reported that announced the winners of the Nobel peace prize. This year her owners were fighters against sexual violence.

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