Named popular baby names among Ukrainians

Названы популярные имена детей среди украинцев

In Ukraine continues to be popular to give their children unusual names. The most unusual names children call the residents of Western Ukraine.

The most popular names, which the Ukrainians have named their newborn children in 2017, Anastasia steel, Sophia, Anna, Artem, Maxim and Alexander. This was announced by the Deputy Minister of justice for state registration Elena Sukmanova Wednesday, January 31.

Last year, more girls received the name (in descending order of frequency of use) Anastasia, Sophia, Anna, Maria, Victoria, Paulina, Veronica, Eva, gold, Milan, and straw. Boys Artem, Maxim, Alexander, Dmitry, Vlad, Matthew, Ivan, Andrey, Ilya, Nazar, Timothy.

In addition to traditional names, Ukrainians were chosen and unusual. Among these women: Doll, Cinderella, Princess, Madonna, the Olympics, Panna, Bellatrixa, Nuh, Eulalia, Siohan, Faustina, Caroline, Apila, Priscilla, Vevey, Dessande, year.

Men’s unusual names were: Royal, T. J., Yarosvet, Charalambos, Caesar, Christopher, Jacob, johnny, AC, Conor, Muhaimin, Dieudonne-Rene, Potap, Muhammad Ali, Savkovic, Rodrigo, Odysseus, Apollo, Prokhorov-Jai.

Earlier it was reported that the ranking of the most popular names in the Kiev – Sofia, Maria, Zlata, Eva, Catherine, Anastasia, Alice, straw, Milan, Elizabeth, Artem, Ivan, Maxim, mark, Dimitri, Michael, Alexander, Vladislav and Matthew.