Named the causes of bisexuality in women

Названы причины бисексуальности женщин

Bisexual women due to the evolution of

Gay sex occurred in the process of evolution.

Women are more prone to sexual contact with their gender as a result of evolutionary adaptation, reports The Independent.

With such a theory were made by the biologist Satoshi Kanazawa of the London school of Economics and political science in his publication in the journal Biological Reviews.

By assumption, scientist, women were forced to engage in sexual relations with other women within a polygamous marriage in which a man had several wives. Gay sex contributed to the formation of stronger family bonds and resolving conflicts.

Scientists: All women are bisexual

“Theory suggests that women may not be sexual orientation in the same sense as men. Instead be homosexual or heterosexual, a woman’s desire can largely depend on the specific partner, their reproductive status, and other circumstances,” writes Kanazawa.

Earlier it was reported that scientists compared mental condition with bisexual lesbians.