Named the characteristics of a “generation ship” for interstellar flight

Названы характеристики "корабля поколений" для межзвездного полета

Experts assessed the possibility of creating an interplanetary space vehicle is a realistic idea.

An international group of scientists called the specific characteristics of a “generation ship” for space exploration. It is reported by Science Alert.

A “generation ship” is flying a spacecraft whose speed is much lower than the speed of light, and designed for interstellar travel. Previously this ship was considered science fiction, but now scientists consider it to be quite realistic.

With software HERITAGE, experts found that the crew of such a ship needs to be at least 98 people. This will reduce the risk of genetic disorders in the descendants of the crew.

The vehicle must be completely Autonomous, therefore it is necessary to grow food. For the crew of 500 people should be planted about 0.45 square kilometers of land. The ship itself, excluding engines, fuel cells and other industrial facilities have to look like a rotating cylinder with a radius of 224 meters and a length of 320 meters.

With modern technology and speeds, this ship will fly to the nearest star system alpha Centauri (4.37 light years from Earth) for several thousand years.

Was previously named the date of the fall of the asteroid Apophis to Earth. It was also reported that scientists have found a unique and very “fast” asteroid.

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