Named the conditions of allocation of Ukraine of the billion from the EU

Названы условия выделения Украине миллиарда от ЕС

To start payment of the new macro-financial assistance of the European Union, Ukraine must fulfill a number of conditions.

Ukraine must take “tough anti-corruption measures, including the establishment of an anti-corruption court before the start of payments”. This is stated in the statement of the European Parliament voted on Wednesday, June 13, for granting Ukraine macro-financial assistance in the amount of one billion euros.

“They (MEPs – ed.) insisted that the European Parliament, the EU Council and the European Commission have issued a joint statement on the political conditions that Ukraine must fulfill, due to concerns about the pace of reforms and fight against corruption in the country”, – stated in the message.

It is reported that the statement by the MEPs about the conditions attached to the decision to support the allocation of aid to Ukraine.

In a statement, the MEPs stressed that a precondition for granting the credit to Ukraine defined “effective democratic mechanisms – including a multi-party parliamentary system, rule of law and human rights”.

It also highlights that the use of EU aid should contribute to poverty reduction and job creation in Ukraine.

The European Parliament also insists that the provision of a loan conditional on progress in the fight against corruption and, in particular, the creation of a specialized Anticorruption court in accordance with the recommendations of the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe. Furthermore, on 7 June, the Parliament of Ukraine voted for the creation of this court.

“The European Commission and the European external action service should check whether the prerequisites for the entire process, and to publish their findings. If they are not met, the Commission shall temporarily suspend or cancel the payment of macro-financial assistance”, – said in a statement.

The approval of the Council of the new EU macro-financial assistance program for Ukraine is expected on June 26.

Stated that the loan of 1 billion euros is intended to cover Ukraine’s deficit of external financing in 2018-2019.

We will remind, Council of the European Union approved a loan to Ukraine of one billion euros on may 29.


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