Named the loss of the APU in the Donbass in 2018

Названы потери ВСУ на Донбассе в 2018 году

In the fighting in the Donbass in 2018, killed about 80 soldiers, more than 560 wounded

Since the beginning of 2018 in the Donbass killed nearly 80 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, more than 560 were injured.

From the beginning, the hostilities in the Donbas killed about 80 Ukrainian soldiers and more than 560 injured. This was announced by Lieutenant-General Anatoliy Petrenko, reports on Tuesday, September 4, press service of the defense Ministry.

In particular, he noted that the peacekeeping operation for compliance with the Minsk agreements – a perfectly logical initiative, because the Donbass is still killing people.

“A peacekeeping operation for compliance with the Minsk agreements – a perfectly logical initiative which we promote in order to fulfil them. What is actually happening? The Minsk agreement concluded in 2014-2015. But continues with the use of large caliber, unmanned aircraft, mined areas, the mine, people are dying, destroyed civilian infrastructure, in our territory there are Russian military. All crushed… What does that mean? Almost 80 of deaths this year and more than 560 wounded,” – said Petrenko.

According to him, the enforcement of a sustainable ceasefire, the withdrawal can be achieved by strengthening the international component of the pressure on Russia.

To hope for the fulfillment of all items of the Minsk agreements, in particular, conduct impartial, objective elections, economic and humanitarian reconstruction of the Donbass in the conditions of introduction of the peacekeeping operations under the auspices of the UN, convinced the Ministry of defence.

We will remind, earlier APU per day suffered losses in the Donbas.

Also, the President Petro Poroshenko reported that during the antiterrorist operation in the Donbas killed 212 soldiers of the National guard of Ukraine.

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