Named the main Cathedral of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine

Назван главный собор Православной церкви Украины

St. Michael’s Cathedral

St. Michael’s Cathedral is called Cathedral of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

The head of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, Metropolitan Epiphanius called St. Michael’s Cathedral is a Cathedral of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. He declared Sunday, December 16 after divine Liturgy in St. Michael’s Cathedral, reports 112 Ukraina.

“In General, we strive to make the Cathedral a single Ukrainian Orthodox Church was the Church of St. Sophia, but we know how dear our nation is this memo, and that the Church alone will not be able to adequately take care of her. So there the service is performed on site in the Warm temple of Sophia in the Hagia Sophia – the only great Christian and Ukrainian holidays. The current Cathedral will be the Michael’s Cathedral”, – he said during a conversation with journalists.

At the same time, Metropolitan Epiphanius noted that the Patriarch, who is now honorary spiritual Advisor of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, will serve in the Vladimir Cathedral.

Recall, 15 December, Kyiv hosted the unity Council, which was established the local Orthodox Church of Ukraine. Its head was elected the Metropolitan of Pereiaslav and Belotserkovsky Epiphanius (Dumenko).

In turn, the Russian Orthodox Church called the Cathedral in Kiev “canonically null and void”.

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