Named the most corrupt body in Ukraine

Назван самый коррумпированный орган в Украине

Fiscal service considered to be the most corrupt body in Ukraine

Ukraine is on the 131 place out of 176 in the corruption perception.

Fiscal service of Ukraine is the most corrupt body in the country. In an interview with Ukrainian news said the Executive Director of Transparency International in Ukraine, Yaroslav Yurchyshyn.

“I think that the Fiscal service and customs due to the huge impact on the business. Business is resources and the ability to influence the position”, – said yurchishin.

He noted that the level of corruption most affect the courts. “Of the 176 countries we are at 131 in the ranking of corruption perception. We need to substantially overload the relationship of society, state and business”, – he said.

According to Yurchishin, if in 2013 the leader of corrupt relationships with the citizens was of GAI (traffic police), now the police patrol the de facto leader on the people’s trust.

At the same time, yurchishin said that now the health is in first place among the leaders of corruption in Ukraine, the leadership sphere is education.

Note, during the annual meeting of Yalta European strategy in September, President Petro Poroshenko said that corruption in Ukraine remains, but the progress in combating it is and it can be observed, including in the economy.

In Odessa region on a bribe caught the head of the Executive service