Named the most expensive cleared “EuroBLECH”

Названы самые дорогие растаможенные "евробляхи"

Cleared, the most expensive car in the Ukraine was the Porsche Turbo S 2013 release. The amount of taxes paid and payments exceeded 760 thousand hryvnias.

In Ukraine during the validity of the laws for preferential rates on customs clearance of cars with foreign registration cleared two cars of the brand Porsche, two Mercedes-Benz G-class and V, and one Bentley. It is reported by UNN, citing data from the State fiscal service on Wednesday, February 20.

In particular, the most expensive cleared a car in the Ukraine was the Porsche Turbo S 2013 release with a customs value equivalent of 83.1 thousand dollars. Amount paid during the customs clearance of taxes and payments amounted to 766,1 thousand.

The second position behind Bentley Flying Spur 2014 release with a value of 74.5 thousand dollars, which cleared for 727,9 thousand.

Another Porsche Cayenne S 2018 cost 76 thousand dollars, cleared over 705 thousand.

Mercedes-BenzGclasse2015 years worth of 63.6 thousand dollars was cleared for 593,4 thousand hryvnia, and Mercedes-Benz classe V 2018 cost of 62 thousand dollars, cleared over 553 thousand UAH.

We will remind, during the grace period of customs clearance of cars on avtoregistracia to the state budget of Ukraine received a 7.67 billion.

According to the Finance Ministry, Ukraine has approximately 640 thousand “EuroBLECH”. At the moment cleared less than 200 thousand such cars.

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