Named the most frequent cause of failure of Ukrainians to cross the border

Названа наиболее частая причина отказа украинцам в пересечении границы

Increased the level of failures of Ukrainians to cross the border

Failure to reaffirm the purpose of the trip is the most common cause of failure Ukrainians while trying to cross the border.

Most often, Ukrainian citizens while attempting to cross the border to get a waiver because of the inability to confirm its purpose of the trip. This was stated at a press conference Executive Director of the public organization Europe without barriers Iryna Sushko, reports on Friday, March 15, UKRINFORM.

“Why is it often denied? Most often it is because not everyone can prove their purpose of visit. We must not forget that, although visa as the first filter is canceled, however, border testing is still carried out. It must be remembered that one should have supporting documents and it is advisable to look at this list of documents,” she said.

According to the expert, “nobody can abolish the need to prepare for the trip.”

“When we talk about the revival of the movement of people abroad, in General, according to the gpsu, 6% did this increase in 2018. At the same time, we need to talk about not very pleasant things connected with failures on the border. And just here we resort to the source of Frontex (the European Agency for the protection of the external borders of the member countries of the EU – ed.) which suggests that in 2018 the number of such failures were answered by 55% and if we talk about the total number of people is roughly 57 thousand. Can say that the increased level of failures,” – said Sushko.

Recall that for 2018 and more than 3.5 thousand citizens of Ukraine denied entry to Israel, while Ukraine was not allowed on its territory 84 citizens of Israel.

It was also reported that within two months of incomplete 2019 militiamen Israel refused 500 Ukrainian citizens entry.

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