Named the most popular items contrib-2019

Названы самые популярные предметы ВНО-2019

In 2019, the EIT will take 355 thousand people

The TOP 3 most popular subjects which is chosen by the participants, included: the Ukrainian language and literature, history and mathematics.

The most popular items among students this year were Ukrainian language and literature, history of Ukraine and mathematics. On Monday, April 22, the press service of the Ministry of education and science with reference to the Ukrainian center for educational quality assessment.

Thus, the Ukrainian language and literature have chosen more than 320 thousand of EIT, the history of Ukraine – more than 232 thousand, the math – more than 146 thousand.

Only the main session of external independent testing registered more than 354 thousand people, which is 18 thousand more than last year.

“Among the most registered members (over 53%) of high school graduates this year. Most of them chose four subjects for testing”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that 37.5% are students of vocational and higher education, which are in parallel with learning to receive complete General secondary education, and thus pass the state final certification in the form of mcqs. “I wonder what this segment the participants are chosen primarily by two items,” added in mon.

Less testing will be alumni – they are a little more than 9%. They often choose three or four subjects.

“Now until April 30 on the information pages participants will post-admission invitation that will identify the locations for testing for each subject. They should print on their own. Access to the page is the number of UPE certificate and pin-code specified in it”, – the Ministry added.

It also noted that during the 3-20 may be an additional registration period for those who for good reasons was not able to register earlier.

The main session of EIT will start on may 21 in the test in mathematics, and ends June 13 assessment in chemistry.

As reported, on 5 February in Ukraine started the registration for the external independent testing of entrants.

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