Named the most popular names for newborns in Kiev for 2016

Названы самые популярные имена для новорожденных в Киеве за 2016 год

The Ministry of justice named the most popular names of newborns of Kiev, reports UNN. For five months the girls often called Maria, Anna, Sofia, Darina, Eva and Zlata. The most popular names for boys – Tom, Ivan, Timur, Dmitry, Myron.

Among the unusual names that received newborn girls for the last four months: Michelle, Arianna, Martina, Joanna, Elina, Age, Leah, Oriana, Amina, Maryam, alypius, Darika, Milena, Ales, Paradise, Maya, Elizabeth, Emma, Mellin, Vitalina. The most rare names for boys in the press service of the Ministry of justice called Oscar, Andrian, Daromir, Alex, Leonardo, Demetri, Emilien, Dobrynya, Evan, Milan, Hector, Mr., Eric, Lionel, Damir, Leonard, Darren, Anthony, Alp, Eli, Dominic, Emil.

As of 23 may this year in Kiev was registered 13.5 thousand vital records on birth.

We will remind, on may 19, the Day embroidered, all newborns were given the first embroidered shirts.