Named the number of parishes that have fallen in ptsu

Названо количество приходов, перешедших в ПЦУ

About 340 churches officially changed denomination

The Ministry of culture believes that now the process is artificially constrained, but in the coming months, transitions will be more.

About 340 parishes in Ukraine officially moved from the UOC-MP in ptsu. On Friday, February 22, said the Director of the Department of religious Affairs of the Ministry of culture Andriy yurash on air of the 5th channel.

“Today we record for about 350 committed processes of change submission with the UOC-MP in ptsu, somewhere around 340 has precisely is documented. I mean that while not all of these transitions was complete and legal documents at the document level, but I mean all the cases when a meeting was held with religious communities, where was witnessed the process, when the believers gathered, filed, duly recorded,” said yurash.

However, he believes that now the process is artificially constrained, but in the coming months, the process transitions will be more dynamic.

Asked the host, how quickly pass the wards and what are the constraints, the representative of the Ministry of culture stated that “involved a lot of external mechanisms that aim not to allow the maximum number of parishes to join ptsu”.

He also noted that there is a lot of speculation. One of them is that the alleged change in the subordination of the Church can initiate a 10-15 people which are the closest to the priest, and there are attempts to give these people the right to make decisions regarding the future functioning of the community.

Earlier, the DNC said about the threats of the priests, which left the UOC-MP.

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