Named the risk of failure from alcohol

Названа опасность отказа от алкоголя

Scientists have shown that complete abstinence from alcohol can be as harmful as its excessive use.

Experts from France and the UK conducted a study which determined the risk of a complete rejection of alcoholic beverages.

Research data published in a press release on EurekAlert.

Scientists have determined that those who fully refuse alcohol increases the risk of dementia – brain damage leading to dementia in varying degrees. The same rate in people who consume more than 14 units of alcohol 140 grams in terms of pure alcohol. On the eve of the scientists called the new danger alcohol

The study involved more than nine thousand people aged 35-55 years. The scientists recorded the number of drunk alcohol for 23 years. During this time dementia was diagnosed in 397 participants.

The risk of development of dementia was observed in those who drank more than 14 units of alcohol per week by 17% and increased with each of the seven units of alcohol. But the increased risk of disease and those who completely refused alcohol.

Scientists say that the dose of alcohol from one to 14 units a week could protect the brain from dementia. But there are risks of developing other illnesses due to the consumption of alcohol.

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