NASA are unable to find the Rover Opportunity after the storm

NASA не смогло найти марсоход Opportunity после бури

The Rover Opportunity has been unable to find

The search for the device are ongoing, but as yet have not brought results. The Rover was lost due to the storms on a planetary scale.

On the red planet after a dust storm was a lost Opportunity Rover. Local storm has grown to a phenomenon of planetary scale and the Rover. Since then, Agency officials have tried unsuccessfully to locate it. About this noted on the NASA website.

According to the publication, the Rover was caught in a storm, when he was in the Valley of Perseverance.

Dust storms are not uncommon on Mars and are likely to occur in summer, when the planet approaches the perihelion (closest to Sun point of the orbit).

Due to the evaporation of frozen carbon dioxide atmosphere thickens and the temperature rises. Because of this, particles of dust rise above. The result is a dust cloud can reach a height of 60 kilometers.

It is known that the last time the Rover has covered the storm in 2007. Then the connection with him was gone for two weeks. This time, however, the magnitude of the storm was much greater.

The Rover during the storm, was translated into crisis mode. This was done due to the fact that the Rover is powered by solnechnyh batteries and for normal operation they have to stay warm. However, during storms the temperature of the Rover was minus 29 degrees Celsius.

It is known that the Rover Opportunity began its mission on 25 January 2004. It was originally planned that it will run 93 earth days. But in the end the Rover worked for over 14 years.

Earlier it was reported that the Rover Opportunity had passed out from the powerful dust storm that covered the Red planet.

It was also reported that the Curiosity Rover took a selfie against the background of a sandstorm.