NASA astronauts will be in space: online

Астронавты NASA выйдут в открытый космос: онлайн

Live exit of astronauts in space

There they will spend about 6.5 hours. Currently, the crew makes final preparations.

Today, March 22, NASA astronaut Anne McClain and Nick Hague have to perform a spacewalk and to stay outside the ISS for about 6.5 hours. On the YouTube channel live broadcast of this event.

Key preparations have already been completed, and the astronauts are awaiting the commencement of the operation.

“The Duo confirmed that their American suits established with all required components, such as lights for helmets and communications equipment, ready to go to space”, – say representatives of NASA.

It is reported that approximately at 14:00 Kiev time will be opened a gateway in space.

Currently, the crew conducts final preparations. During the operation, the astronauts will have to replace the Nickel-hydrogen battery on one of the farms with solar panels a new, more powerful lithium-ion. They were recently delivered to the ISS on a Japanese truck Kounotori H-II.

Earlier it was reported that NASA experts have discovered a star that moves through the Universe with great speed.

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