NASA called the second attempt of docking of the Soyuz with the ISS

В NASA назвали время второй попытки стыковки Союза c МКС

Soyuz MS-14

Russian spacecraft Soyuz will make a new attempt to dock with the International space station.

The second attempt of docking of the Russian spaceship Soyuz MS-14 from the International space station (ISS) is scheduled on 06.12 Tuesday, August 27, Kyiv time. About that on the night of August 25 reported in NASA.

“The Russian ship Soyuz will make a second attempt to dock Monday at 23.12 on East coast time USA (06.12 Kyiv time)”, − stated in the message.

NASA said that on Monday appointed 06.59 translation is docked to the ISS of Soyuz MS-13 module Star to a small research module Search, which on Saturday was unable to berth the ship with the robot Fedor and cargo on Board.

This translation is necessary so that the Union of the MC-14 on Tuesday morning was approached by the Star, an automatic docking system which “tested and works perfectly.”

Earlier NASA said that the docking of Soyuz MS-14 was aborted due to problems with power system Course aboard the ISS.

Recall, the Russian spacecraft Soyuz MS-14 with a robot actor on Board was unable to dock with the ISS. The spacecraft approached the station to 99 meters, hovered, and then began to retreat to a safe distance is 279 meters.

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