NASA first showed a photo of the planetoid Ultima Thule

NASA впервые показало фото планетоида Ultima Thule

In the coming months it will be the most distant object in the Solar system from the study of the earth’s probes.

NASA released images of the 2014 MU69 planetoid (also Ultima Thule), is located in the Kuiper belt on the outskirts of the Solar system. Pictures were taken of the American interplanetary station, New Horizons, which in the early summer came out of sleep mode to rendezvous with a celestial body. This writes the Aerospace Agency of the USA.

First attempt to photograph the object made two weeks ago. Then managed to photograph a celestial body from a distance of 172 million miles with the camera LORRI (Long Range Reconnaissance Imager).

In the end, the scientists gave 48 shots, made with aging in 29 seconds each. The picture quality was significantly reduced during transfer. However, to consider the objects on them is still possible.

In the near future will be a convergence station with Ultima Thule, which is scheduled for January 1, 2019.

NASA впервые показало фото планетоида Ultima Thule

Photo: NASA

Earlier it was reported that NASA experts have created a map which presents invisible clouds of dust.

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