NASA first showed realistic pictures of Jupiter

NASA впервые показало реалистичное фото Юпитера

NASA впервые показало реалистичное фото Юпитера


In the pictures the Red spot of the planets looks as if to look at it with my own eyes.

NASA published the first detailed pictures of Jupiter, whose Great red spot looks as if to look at him with her eyes.

Probe Juno in early July of last year was close to a giant planet and came to a stable orbit around it.

In early July, Juno in the seventh times closer to Jupiter and received a series of unique images spot – the most powerful hurricane of the anticyclone in the upper atmosphere of the planet raging for almost two hundred years.

The dimensions of this spot are measured not in kilometers, and the diameter of the Earth – it is about 1.3-3 times wider than our planet, and the temperature difference in the warm and cold points exceeds a few hundred degrees.

The first pictures of this spot that the mission Juno presented to the public two weeks ago, was received by the JunoCam camera with special filters that “deletes” those parts of colors that are useless to scientists.

Therefore, the Great red spot, and other regions of the surface of Jupiter look at them wrong, no matter what we beheld, if it were orbiting the giant planet.

NASA experts have spent the last two weeks to combine photos for a realistic picture of what it looks like a Great spot, and the Jupiter in earthy tones.

Previously, NASA has published a picture where you can see dark and light strips of hurricanes on Jupiter.

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