NASA grew potatoes in Martian conditions

NASA вырастило картофель в марсианских условиях

The main character of the film the Martian has managed to grow potatoes in the Martian soil

Now, experts plan to find out which varieties will be most fruitful on Mars.

The experiment to grow potatoes in the “Martian” conditions ended with success, according to the

The project was made by experts from the International centre of potato and NASA experts.

It tells astrobiologist NASA, the experiment showed that there is a good chance that the potatoes will survive on Mars.

NASA along with the Peruvian agronomists have grown potatoes inside a specially equipped enclosure from microprobe system CubeSat, which maintained the conditions maximally close to the Martian.

In support of the Martian atmospheric composition, pressure, soil composition and other important parameters.

When you add the proper amount of water and nutrients potatoes successfully sprouted and gave shoots and then began to form tubers.

In the near future the specialists of NASA and the International centre for potatoes plan to repeat the experiments and to choose the variety of potato, which would be the most fruitful and convenient for cultivation from the point of view of future Martian colonists.

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