NASA has created a map of the invisible clouds of fine dust

NASA создало карту невидимых облаков мелкой пыли

Card dust clouds

It was created with the help of the Earth Observatory’s space Agency. Have been involved in this satellites Aqua and Terra.

NASA scientists have created a map of the dust clouds that are located around the Earth, but invisible to the eye. The project was implemented with the help of the Earth Observatory. This writes Nacked science.

These clouds consist of salt, which comes from the sea, black carbon soot from forest fires and dust emissions from heavy industry.

In the course of work on the map, the scientists combined data obtained from different sensors including MODIS satellites Aqua and Terra. To add the image colors were used data of ground-based sensors.

Due to the color to distinguish the nature of the origin of fine particles. Red color denotes mass over North America, who appeared out of the smoke from forest fires.

Blue happen from typhoons in Japan, which was raised in the atmosphere of sea salt.

NASA создало карту невидимых облаков мелкой пыли

Photo: NASA

At the same time, marked with purple pulp, obtained from a sandy dust from the desert winds. They are located over the Sahara in Africa, as well as over the Taklamakan on the North-Western part of China.

Earlier it was reported that on the border of the solar System scientists have discovered the hydrogen wall.

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