NASA has discovered nine potentially habitable exoplanets

NASA открыло девять потенциально обитаемых экзопланет

The planet, discovered using the Kepler telescope, is located outside the Solar system.

NASA scientists said that from 1284 discovered recently-exoplanets outside the solar system, nine can be theoretically suitable for life.

It is reported that these planets are from their stars at a distance that allows them to have surface liquid water.

“Somewhere around a star similar to our own, we can sooner or later to open another Land,” said Ellen Stofan, chief scientist at headquarters NASA in Washington.

It is also known that an impressive number of discovered exoplanets have the 550 is solid as the Earth surface.

NASA showed a “sunken” heart of Pluto

This discovery was made by experts with the assistance of the unmanned Kepler space Observatory, which was launched into space in 2009. In General, however, a scientist known planet 21, is theoretically suitable for life.

Earlier it was reported that NASA confirmed the existence of 1284 exoplanets outside the solar system.

In addition, in the constellation Aquarius found red dwarf, in the “zone of life” of which revolve three on the planet.