NASA has shown a frightening hurricane Dorian from space

NASA показало устрашающий ураган Дориан из космоса

NASA showed the hurricane from space

From the space station took a giant white funnel of a hurricane, extending for hundreds of miles.

In the space Agency NASA showed a powerful hurricane Dorian from space. The video appeared on NASA’s Instagram page.

The footage seen a huge white funnel hundreds of miles in diameter. In comments to the video the astronauts pointed out, the direction and the characteristics of natural disasters.

Dorian removed from the height of 260 miles when it broke out over the Atlantic ocean near the Bahamas. The wind speed reached at the time of shooting of 180 miles per hour, which is typical of category 5 hurricanes.

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Publication from NASA (@nasa) Sep 2, 2019 at 9:51 am PDT

Also, the astronauts noted that the strongest winds in the history of the Northwest Bahamas.

Earlier it was reported that due to hurricane Dorian in USA 830 thousand residents are preparing to evacuate. The Correspondent also wrote that NASA showed spectacular photos of the Bahamas from space.

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