NASA has shown recent panorama of a legendary Opportunity

NASA показало последнюю панораму легендарного Opportunity

The last panorama of the failed Opportunity

The Rover has already officially declared “dead”, but transferred them pictures of scientists continue to study.

NASA published the latest panorama made “dead” on Mars by the Rover Opportunity. 360-degree shot shows the surroundings of the red planet. This writes

Images that are arranged in the panorama were made over the 29 days. Images were taken using the tool Opportunity Pancam may 13, 2018 June 10, 2018.

The color image has been slightly redrafted in order to accurately convey the details of the surface of Mars. Imprinted in the panorama edge of the crater Endurance, and areas that have not yet been explored by the machine.

It is known that the Rover Opportunity has completed its mission for the last 15 years studying the Martian landscape. However, strong dust storm occurred on Mars, brought him down and 13 February 2019 space Agency declared the mission of the Rover is complete.

Earlier it was reported that Mars Curiosity Rover has measured gravity of Mars. The second Rover mission continues, November 26, 2011, when it was launched from Cape Canaveral.

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