NASA has signed a contract for the creation of a lunar station

NASA заключило контракт на создание лунной станции

NASA beginning the construction of the first lunar station

It is planned that the first module will be launched into orbit of the satellite in 2022 and will be the beginning of a lunar station.

NASA officially began the project to build a lunar station. This was stated by the head of Department Jim Bridenstine on the call, according to NASA.

The Ministry has signed a contract with the company Maxar for the construction of the first module of the lunar station LOP-G. it is Expected that it will be built and will enter the orbit of the moon in 2022.

Breidenstein noted that the power and propulsion module PPE will launch the lunar station Gateway. Moreover, it will be a bright example of fruitful cooperation of NASA with private companies.

In the course of this program it is planned to plant the first woman astronaut on the moon in 2024.

The day before had been named the actual timing of the flight to Mars. It was also reported that NASA has created the most complete picture of the Universe.

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