NASA launched cruise missile with satellites

NASA запустило крылатую ракету со спутниками

NASA made a successful launch cruise missiles with satellites

The Pegasus rocket is the world’s first cruise missile to launch commercial satellites into low-earth orbit.

NASA launched into orbit with the plane Stargazer L-1011 cruise missile with spacecraft. The launch took place at Cape Canaveral in 14.35 in Kiev.

The CYGNSS system, which consists of eight small satellites designed to measure wind over the ocean surface during the passage of storms and cyclones. The data obtained will enable specialists to study the interaction of the earth’s oceans and air masses in the centre of hurricanes to better understand their formation and behavior.

The Pegasus rocket is the world’s first cruise missile for launching commercial satellites to low earth orbit developed by a private company.

NASA launched a weather satellite of a new generation

Before the start of Orbital ATK announced that tech launch from the aircraft provides customers like the ability to run from anywhere on the planet, and the minimum requirements for terrestrial infrastructure.

Note, the start of Pegasus previously postponed twice, first due to technical reasons, then because of a failure of the software of the spacecraft. NASA to launch satellites with the help of cruise missiles is quite a rare event.

Earlier it was reported that from Kourou in French Guiana after a successful start of the European launch vehicle Vega with the Ukrainian engine.