NASA released high-quality the Pandora

NASA опубликовало качественный снимок Пандоры

Cassini Station

Photo taken 18 December 2016, when the station Cassini approached the minimum distance to Pandora.

Station, Cassini made one of the most qualitative images of Pandora − a natural satellite of Saturn’s irregular shape, affecting his ring F, reports NASA.

The picture was taken December 18, 2016, when Cassini is close to the minimum for the mission to Pandora − 40,5 thousand kilometers. The scale of the image is 240 meters per pixel.

NASA опубликовало качественный снимок Пандоры

NASA Saturn’s moon Pandora

Cassini-Huygens mission is a joint project of NASA and the European space Agency. The main objective is to study Saturn, its rings and Titan, the largest satellite of the planet.

Earlier it was reported that Cassini had transmitted to Earth new photos of the mysterious satellite of Saturn of Enceladus.

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