NASA showed a photo of pebbles on Mars

NASA показало на фото гальку Марса

NASA показало на фото гальку Марса

In ancient times, these stones were moved by the strong river current.

NASA scientists have published photographs taken by the Rover Opportunity on the edge of a Martian crater endeavour. It is likely that in ancient times these stones were transported a strong river current, as noted on the official website of the Agency.

The picture was created from images taken by the Rover on 3 June 2017. It was obtained by overlapping three optical filters (infrared, green and violet).

Most experts are inclined to believe that the Rover Opportunity is on the bottom of the river system that once existed on the red planet.

The Rover Opportunity were launched to Mars on 7 July 2003 using the Delta II rocket. He reached Mars in 2004 January 25. His mission he had to perform 90 days, but later it was decided to leave it for further study of the red planet.

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