NASA showed a photo of the cracked giant iceberg

NASA показало фото треснувшего гигантского айсберга

Giant glacier split in half

The ice, shown for the first time details in the picture, was part of the Larsen glacier.

Employees, NASA released detailed images of a giant iceberg that has broken away from a glacier Larsen this summer, reports NASA’s Earth Observatory.

Photos show that the iceberg began to break up into two parts because of the constant movement.

“The first photo was only received in mid-September of this year. As shown by the several weeks of observations, iceberg A-68 initially “staggered” on the spot, moving back and forth, causing him to split in half,” – said the Agency.

Also, experts noted that this iceberg had to learn using only radar and infrared images. This was due to the polar night, which prevailed in the Antarctic.

Informed The reported that from Antarctica broke off a new giant iceberg.